Martian Manhunter Comic Coming in December

We got some comic news from DC Comics via The Hollywood Reporter. We’ve learned that Artist Riley Rossmo and writer Steve Orlando will be the creative team for a 12 issue series revolving around Martian Manhunter. J’onn J’onzz has been a favorite of mines since Justice League and Justice League Unlimited. Over the years is considered to be a fan-favorite. So to hear him getting his own series, I couldn’t be happier. To quote THR on what this series will be about along with posting some of the artwork by Riley Rossmo.

The upcoming 12-issue series is at once a re-examination of the character’s origins and emotional journey and also a detective story on Earth, as J’onzz — in his guise as John Jones, human detective — attempts to solve a murder which may have connections to his own past on Mars. As Orlando puts it, it’s also a chance for he and Rossmo to define the character in a way that he’s never had the opportunity to be seen before.


Rossmo went onto saying the following when it comes to building up Martian culture.

“There’s not that much pre-existing material for Martian culture,” he explained. “There are all these different aspects, and I really love the design challenge of that. Like, what does a building look like for people who don’t really need furniture? It’s an abstract visual problem solving thing that feels pretty unique. I’ve been working on it for a year, and it’s been good to have that kind of run up. There’s a problem solving aspect to it that I really enjoy — what do the Green Martians look like, compared with the White Martians, how do they co-exist, even do they co-exist? And then the character designs have to reflect those cultural pieces and contrast all of that with how J’onn and the humans look like in the current storyline.”

Overall, I can’t wait for this series to drop when it comes out this December. I’m loving how DC Comics is remaking Martian Manhunter and the world he comes from. Until the next post, I’m XBen3000 and I’m out!

Source: THR

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