Marvel’s Runaways Crossover with Cloak and Dagger

Afternoon heroes! Today, we have some amazing news coming out of Marvel’s Runaways, as we are getting a crossover episode with Marvel’s Cloak and Dagger. That’s right, Tandy Bowen and Tyrone Johnson are on their way to Los Angeles to help out our favorite Runaways. Here’s the confirmation video that was released on Marvel’s official twitter this morning.

This has been something fans have wanted since Cloak and Dagger started airing last year. Right now, we are unsure as to whether or not our favorite crime fighting duo was picked up for a season three. I am hoping Cloak and Dagger are renewed, as their story just begun at the end of last season. Readers please go stream Cloak and Dagger on Hulu if you have not already seen it.


Whereas, Runaways wise, we left off on a huge cliffhanger! There are some new characters coming into play for season three, and I am curious to see how all of it will play out. However, it is going to be nice to see these shows crossover. It makes me wish the Netflix series were still going, but I know logistically these shows and the Netflix ones would not be able to make it work. Yet, it would have been nice to see O’Reilly meet up with Misty again. Nevertheless, as always readers let us know your thoughts down below and we will talk to you later.


Source: Marvel

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