Marvel’s Runaways Renewed for S2

First up on television news, we’ve learned that Runaways have been renewed for season 2. I’m so happy the show was able to get picked up for another season. The reason being is that you never know if a Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon original series would be picked up until the last minute. I say that because the final episode airs today. As a matter of fact it should be up right now, so go ahead and click here to be transported to the Runaways page on Hulu where you can start or in my case finish the series. Some quick thoughts about Runaways, those being spoiler free as well. I’ve really come to enjoy the cast of characters. I’m glad it doesn’t have any big tie-ins to the Marvel Cinematic Universe but that could change with this final episode. The Runaways as a group is everything I could have hoped for as they act like teenagers which I feel is a hard group to nail. Teenagers are the group that’s always changing and attempting to find approval or in other cases finding what makes them unique. With Runaways I got the sense that not only are they teenagers but they’re friends who simply drifted apart. The adult cast was great as well and fires on all cylinders each episode. Overall, I recommend checking out this series. Easily one of my favorites of 2017, which says a lot since I felt it was a good year of television.

Until the season one finale and show recap, I’m XBen3000 and I’m out. Stay tuned as we talk about The Gifted being picked up in our next post.

Source: Marvel

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