Masayoshi Yamazaki to Perform Gundam the Origin VI Theme Song

Yesterday,’s website announced that Masayoshi Yamazaki will perform the theme song for Mobile Suit Gundam The Origin VI: Rise of the Red Comet. The theme song is titled “Hasen no Namida” (Dotted Line of Tears); it will be made available digitally on May 1st. The film’s original soundtrack CD will include the song in both the limited edition releasing on May 5th, and the regular edition on May 30th.


Mobile Suit Gundam the Origin VI: Rise of the Red Comet releases in Japan on May 5th. The film focuses on Char Aznable becoming the Zeon Ace known as the “Red Comet.” The episode will also feature the Federation’s start on “Project V” which will lead to the creation of the Gundam RX-78-2. Currently it is unsure if the anime series will continue following Origin VI. However, Gundam: The Origin manga creator, Yoshikazu Yasuhiko seeks to continue past the Loum Arc, and adapt the One Year War arc. Mr. Yasuhiko hopes to begin adapting the Origin’s retelling of the One Year War by 2019, so it will be in-time for the franchise’s 40th anniversary.


Source: ANN

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