“Masters of the Universe: Revelation” Trailer Streamed

Netflix has recently updated their official Youtube channel with the first trailer for the Masters of the Universe Revelation animated series. The latest trailer features a look at the characters in action and it seems that the series will be quite action packed. As reported earlier, the first five episodes of the series will premiere on the service on July 23.

The cast includes:

Chris Wood: Prince Adam/He-Man
Stephen Root: Cringer
Susan Eisenberg: Sorceress
Liam Cunningham: Man-At-Arms
Griffin Newman: Orko
Sarah Michelle Gellar: Teela
Alicia Silverstone: Queen Marlena
Diedrich Bader: King Randor & Trap Jaw
Justin Long: Roboto
Alan Oppenheimer: Moss Man
Phil Lamarr: He-Ro
Mark Hamill: Skeletor
Lena Headey: Evil-Lyn
Kevin Conroy: Mer-Man
Henry Rollins: Tri-Klops
Jason Mewes as Stinkor
Tony Todd: Scare Glow
Cree Summer: Priestess
Kevin Michael Richardson: Beast Man
Kevin Conroy: Mer-Man
Harley Quinn Smith: Illeena

In my opinion the animation looks amazing and I can not wait to see the series. The voice work seems top notch so far and the overall setting of this show clearly shows that this will be quite the ride.

Source: Netflix


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