May 2017 Nintendo Direct: Arms & Splatoon 2

Nintendo recently held a new Nintendo Direct on their official Youtube channel that featured more information about Arms and a short teaser for Splatoon 2.

First, the direct featured a look at the the story of game.  According to the story the origins of the Arms are unknown and seems they have gotten their strange arms from out of nowhere.

Next, it has been revealed that players will have to look at two things before going into fights.  The weight of the Arms affect how they work in battle and the attributes help create different effects to help players gain the upper advantage.

Continuing on, the direct featured a look at the various fighters in the game as well as some new revealed characters.

The fighters along with their signature Arms include :

  • Spring Man : Toaster, Boomerang, Tribolt
  • Mechanica: Revolver, Whammer, Homie
  • Ninjara: Chakram, Buff, Triblast
  • Master Mummy: Megaton, Retorcher, Phoenix
  • Ribbon Girl: Sparky, Popper, Slapmander
  • Min Min: Dragon, Megawatt, Ramram
  • Helix: Blorb, Ice Dragon, Guardian

The new characters include:

  • Kid Cobra: Slapamander, Hydra, Coolerang
  • Byte & Barq: Seekie, Cracker, Bubb
  • Twintelle: Chilla, Parasol, Thunderbird

Next, the direct revealed the main play styles of versus mode.

The play styles include:

  • Team Fight: 2 vs 2 Fighting
  • V-Ball: Volleyball
  • Hoops: Toss your opponent into the net 
  • Skillshot: Breaking Targets
  • 1-on-100: Fight against enemy opponents 
  • Training Mode

The direct also featured a look at some of the battle modes, which include:

  • Grand Prix: Win 10 straight matches
  • Party Match: Online fighting
  • Ranked Match: Ranked 1 on 1 battles 
  • Local Multiplayer

Continuing on, it has been revealed that new free updates will be available soon after the game launches, which include new fighters, stages, and Arms.

Lastly, it has been revealed that the will be several “Global Testpunches” in the near future that will allow players to test out the game on certain dates.

The dates include:

  • May 26- 28
  • June 2-6

Source: Nintendo

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