Mazinger Z & Transformers Crossover Manga Announced

Tokyo Book Store Village Books has announced that a Mazinger Z and Transformers crossover manga will be released in Japan titled, “Mazinger Z X Transformers.” The manga will be written by Yuujin Ishikawa that will feature a summary by Naoto Tsushima. The manga is said to be illustrated similar to American style comics in where multiple artists will working on project instead of a single artist. The manga will illustrated by Yuu Kinutani, Hayato Sakamoto, Eiji Yoshioka, Kazumi Hoshi, Naoyuki Fujisawa, and Naoto Tsushima. Go Nagai will be working as the cover illustrator for the manga. The manga will also feature gallery art by FuuNin, Tsuyoshi Nonaka, Yuki Ohshima, and Fumitaka Kunigi.

An official description for the manga was also revealed.

The Autobots (Cybertron) and Decepticons (Destron) get teleported to Japan due to a space-time distortion. They soon discover they have landed into Mazinger Z’s dimension. Within this dimension they are stuck between a conflict between Dr. Hell/ Baron Ashura’s forces and Mazinger Z. 

The manga will consist of 104 pages and is set to release in Japan on March 29, 2019. 

Several versions of the manga will be released, which includes

  • Normal Cover Version with cover illustration by Go Nagai
  • Amazon Exclusive Limited Edition version with cover illustration by Tsuyoshi Nonaka
  • Store Limited Cover Version A with cover illustration by FuuNin
  • Store Limited Cover Version B with cover illustration by Yuki Ohshima 




Source: Village Books

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