Mike & Mike in the Morning Episode 4: We’ll Raise You With Anime & an Ultimatum

An all-new podcast from Hero-Club.com featuring Janitor Joker and Soundout12, Mike & Mike in the Morning! A podcast that has two dudes named Mike, discussing pop culture from comics to cartoons, or anime to tokusatsu. In this episode, Soundout and Mucha try to avoid talking about Kamen Rider, while they discuss Marvel events. During the discussion Mucha makes Soundout remember one of the worst events, Ultimatum! In addition, they discuss anime and how some tokusatsu series should move to shorter episode count seasons. Also, Mucha tries to get Soundout into JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. Whereas, they give SSSS.Gridman the cold shoulder, as if it was Soundout receiving a text from Pyrusmasqurade during recording hours…

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