New Saint Seiya: Saintia Shō Anime Details Revealed

The official Saint Seiya: Saintia Shō anime website has updated with new details for the upcoming series.

First, the official website revealed a new visual for the series.

Next, the website revealed some a cast member for the series. Rina Satou will be voicing Mayura, who is the Pavo (Peacock) Silver Saint. Mayura will be Shōko’s guide when she becomes a Saintia.

Thirdly, the website revealed the staff for the series.

The staff include:

  • Masato Tamagawa: Director
  • Ikuko Takahashi: Series Composition
  • Toshihiko Sashashi: Music Composer
  • Toei Animation: Production and Planning
  • GONZO: Production

As reported earlier,  the series will  premiere on the SkyPer! Anime Set channel on Japan’s Amazon Prime Video service on December 10 at 7 PM JST. The series will later premiere on Animax on December 24 and on the dAnimax channel on dTV on January 5. The series will also be available on the “Animax on PlayStation” app also on December 10, however it is stated that first three episodes will have the same schedule as the SkyPer! Anime Set airings.

Lastly, the website revealed that Aina Suzuki, M.A.O., Inori Minase, and Megumi Nakajima will be performing the theme song for the series titled, “The Beautiful Brave.” In addition, Suzuki and M.A.O. will also be performing the ending theme song for the series titled, “Smile Resonance (Hohoemi no Resonance).” Both songs will be available on CD on December 26. An additional song, which will be the character theme song for the Evil Goddess Eris will also be available on the same day.

Source: ANN, Official Website 

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