New Shonen Jump Subscription Service

We have got some great news coming out of Viz Media. The company is coming out with a Shonen Jump subscription service, for comic fans think Comixology Unlimited but for anime fans. For free starting December 17th, fans can get the latest three chapters of the current Shonen Jump manga series that are ongoing, like One Piece, Boruto, and My Hero Academia as examples. With the membership, fans will obtain access to the digital vault which will contain the various series featured in Shonen Jump since 2003. Now, the best and final part is that the service will only cost $1.99 per month; it is cheaper than most other book-based subscription services currently! Check out their announcement video below:

My thoughts on this subscription service is that it is an impressive power move for both Viz Media, and Weekly Shonen Jump. For North Americans like myself, we finally have official simultaneous releases alongside Japan in both manga and anime formats. Yet to be honest, I nor some of the other Hero Club staff members did not expect this to entirely happen, but it is a great surprise. Finally being able to follow along with the current ongoing titles will be easier now, and more enjoyable than having to wait for the old standard method. In addition, the paid membership gives the fans access a chance to discover different/ new titles, or go revisit their favorite series; one that I am planning to revisit is Bleach. Furthermore, with the service only charging $1.99 per month it is affordable to practically everyone. However, the only downside to this would be if someone is not a fan of manga titles not published through Shonen Jump. Nevertheless, let us know what you think about Shonen Jump’s new upgrade in the comment section below. Anyways, this has been Xben3000 and I am out!


Source: Viz Media

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