Ninja Talks LIVE: Gundam! – The Wingening

From the “Ninja Talks LIVE: Gundam!” archive is episode two, which finally debuts here on Hero Club! Episode Two’s main topic is on Mobile Suit Gundam Wing, the series to capture North America’s attention. However, it did not just capture the North American audience, but it obtained a huge influx to the female demographic! One could say the bishounen art-style easily assisted in luring in the girls. We look at the highs, and the lows of the series, as well as pick a part what changes the show could have used! Yet, some of the changes we discussion are already occurring through the book series, Glory of the Losers. Anyways, this episode is hosted by the duo of Wheelchair21, and myself, the VisibleNinja. Whereas, the third spot is filled again by Oga (Otaku Gangsta) from Herotaku Media. Now, please sit back, and accept this enjoyable mission ~ I mean podcast!

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