Nintendo Direct 2017: Arms Trailer Streamed

Nintendo recently had a Nintendo Direct presentation that revealed some new titles that will be released in the near future for the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo 3DS.  During the presentation some new details about Arms were revealed.

The trailer shows another look at the various types of Arms and reveals that each Arm will feature a different elemental attribute when fully charged.

The elements include:

  • Fire – Knock down opponents 
  • Electric – Stun and electrify opponents
  • Wind – Blow opponents away
  • Ice – Freeze opponents and slow them down

Other elements include Explosion, Stun, and Blind.

Next a new mode was revealed in the form of the Get Arms Service.  In this mode players will be able to collect points to unlock new Arms.

The trailer also revealed a new character named Minmin.  She uses a combination of martial arts and ramen for the basis of her attacks. Her specialties include blocking attacks with kicks and specializes in throwing her opponents.  When charged her left arm can transform into a dragon which helps in holding longer charges.

Another cool feature is that players will be able to fight in 2-on-2 battles. Players will be able to form two player teams to fight against their rival opponents.

Lastly, the release date for the game was fully revealed.  Arms will launch on the Nintendo Switch on June 16.

Source: Nintendo

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