Nintendo Direct 2017: Super Mario Odyssey Trailer Streamed

Nintendo has updated their official Youtube channel with a new trailer for Super Mario Odyssey. The latest trailer was featured during today’s Nintendo Direct and showcases several of the worlds featured in the game.

The locations inclu:

  • Metro Kingdom: New Donk City
  • Sand Kingdom: Tostarena
  • Luncheon Kingdom: Mount Volbono
  • Wooded Kingdom: Steam Gardens
  • Cap Kingdom: Bonneton
  • Snow Kingdom: Shiveria
  • Seaside Kingdom: Bubblaine

Next, it has been revealed that the cap shape ship that Mario will be using to travel within the game is called the Odyssey. The Odyssey will be able to be powered up with the help of the scattered Power Moons throughout the various locations.  Players who have trouble finding them can call on the help of Talkatoo or Hint Toads that tells you hints about them.  Players can also tap Amiibo to summon Uncle Amiibo to pinpoint the location of the Power Moons on the map.

Continuing on the game will also feature several mini-games that features Power Moons as rewards. Players can see other players high scores.

Fourthly, it has been revealed that each major location of the game will have a store called Crazy Cap where players can use their collected coins to purchase several costumes for Mario or decorative stickers and more for the Odyssey.

Lastly, players can use the Snapshot Mode to take pictures that can be used for wallpapers for smartphones or computer desktops.

Super Mario Odyssey along with the accompanying Amiibo will be released on October 27.

Source: Nintendo

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