NYCC 2018: Transformers: Siege Reveals

IGN has revealed official Hasbro images of the Transformers: Siege reveals at New York Comic Con 2018. The reveals include various fan favorites including long time requested characters that will be receiving the Transformers Generations treatment. These figures were first revealed during Hasbro’s panel.


The reveals consist of:

  • Refraktor (Reflector)
  • Megatron
  • Soundwave
  • Starscream
  • Shockwave


[UPDATE: 10-5-2018 @4:20 AM]

Late last night, TFWorld 2005 received more images that reveal additional Decepticons joining the War for Cybertron: Siege series. These images consist of additional Battlemasters, Micromasters, and Deluxes, as well as tease a future Red Alert release. These additional reveals include:

  • Blowpipe
  • Aimless
  • Airstrike Patrol
  • Soundwave Spy Patrol (Laserbeak & Ravage)
  • Skytread
  • Brunt

Now, that’s it for Transformers Generations reveals so far, however stay tuned this weekend for more coverage of New York Comic Con 2018.


I am quite excited for these reveals and this is especially true for Shockwave since he desperately needed an official Transformers Generations update. The rest are pretty much self explanatory, however I have to admit I am surprised to see an official update to Reflector/ Refraktor due to the character being too niche. 

Source: IGN, TFW2005

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