NYTF 2019: Official Transformers Cyberverse Images

Hasbro has revealed new official Transformers Cyberverse images of their New York Toy Fair 2019 reveals. For those who are not aware, the new line of Transformers Cyberverse figures will revolve around a new “Spark Armor” design.

The new reveals include:


  • 1-Step Shockwave
  • 1-Step Skybyte

Scout Class

  • Scout Class Optimus Prime
  • Scout Class Scraplet

Warrior Class

  • Warrior Class Gnaw
  • Warrior Class Deadlock

Spark Armor Battle Class

  • Spark Armor Battle Class Jetfire
  • Spark Armor Battle Class Prowl
  • Spark Armor Battle Class Starscream
  • Spark Armor Battle Class Skybyte

Spark Armor Elite Class

  • Spark Armor Elite Class Megatron
  • Spark Armor Elite Class Bumblebee
  • Spark Armor Elite Class Optimus Prime

Ultra Class Alpha Trion

Ultimate Grimlock


Source: Transformers Facebook

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