NYTF 2019 Preview: Power Rangers: Beast Morphers Zords Revealed

io9.Gizmodo recently revealed a first look at the Power Rangers: Beast Morphers Zords, which are set to release in Fall 2019.

The first assortment of dual changing Zords will retail for $25. The assortment will include the Blue Ranger’s Wheeler Zord, the Yellow Ranger’s Beast Chopper, and the Beast Jet Zord. The Wheeler Zord will be able to transform into a Gorilla, and a “wheeler” truck. The Beast Chopper will be able to transform into a Jackrabbit and an attack helicopter. The Beast Jet Zord will be able to transform into a jet and a scarab.  Beast Chopper will be The Wheeler Zord is the American counterpart to Blue Buster’s GT-02 Gorisaki Banana, while the Beast Chopper Zord is the American counterpart to Yellow Buster’s RH-03 Usada Lettuce. The Beast Jed Zord is the American counterpart of Stag Buster’s BT-04 Beet.

The second assortment of Zords will retail for $30. The assortment will consist of the Red Ranger’s Beast Racer, and the Gold Ranger’s Beast Wrecker. The Beast Racer Zord will be able to transform into a cheetah, a racer mode, and a robot. The Beast Wrecker will be able to transform into a construction “wrecker,” mantis, and a robot. The Beast Racer Zord is the American counterpart of Red Buster’s CB-01 Cheeda Nick, while the Gold Ranger’s Beast Wrecker Zord is the American counterpart to Stag Buster’s C-04 Hercules Beetle.

The Beat Racer, Wheeler Zord, and the Beast Chopper will be able to combine into the Beast X-Megazord. By combining the Beast X-Megazord with the Beast Jet and Beast Wrecker Zords it will be able to form the Beast-X Ultrazord. The Beast X-Megazord was known as Gobuster-oh in Tokumei Sentai Gobusters, while the Beast-X Ultrazord was known as Great Go-Buster.

Lastly, a new Zord in the Playskool was revealed. Hasbro will soon be ready to release a new Playskool Zord based on the Red Dragon Thunderzord from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

Source: i09.Gizmodo

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