Official Images: Digivolving Spirits 06 AtlurKabuterimon

Bandai Tamashii has updated with an official product page for Digivolving Spirits 06 AtlurKabuterimon. International fans will recognize this Digimon under the name, MegaKabuterimon. Fans will also fondly remember Tentomon/ MegaKabuterimon as Koushiro “Izzy” Izumi partner in Digimon Adventure. While the figure does not include accessories, it will however include a special base.

Digivolving Spirits 06 AtlurKabuterimon will be released this September, as a retail release priced at 7,776 yen. Pre-orders will open early tomorrow morning, so check your preferred Japanese online retailer. Yet, if people should expect Bluefin Brands to most likely distribute this item to other countries.


Source: Bandai Tamashii

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