Official Images: DX Kyutama Cockpit Set 02

Alongside the update for Kyutama Gattai DX Ryuteioh, Bandai listed the DX Kyutama Cockpit Set 02. This set is set to release in late April, being sold for 2270 yen. The set is replace the core Kyutama for the Voyagers, to recreate the on-screen cockpits the Kyurangers sit in. These Kyutama will be clear and feature miniature Kyuranger figures that can sit inside. The Kyutama Cockpit Set will consist of the remaining  four Kyuurangers, and Ryucommander.

Official Product Description:

[set contains]

  • Kyutama cockpit (5)
  • Kyuuranger figure (5)
  • Instruction manual (1)

From the “Space Squadron Kyuuranger”

“Combination DX Kyutama Cockpit Set 02” appears!
Set figures in cockpit and lock into the DX Voyagers!

*When one links it to DX Seiza Blaster, all sounds will be “Kyutama”.*

(All items except those attached to this product are sold separately.)

Source: Bandai

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