[Official Images] Kamen Rider Revice DX Libera Driver

Premium Bandai has updated with an official order page for the Kamen Rider Revice DX Libera Driver. For those who are unaware, the device is the primary transformation device used by Sakura Igarashi. While the device made its’ debut in episode 11, Sakura would use the device to transform into Kamen Rider Jeanne. However, to obtain this form, Sakura must inserting the Cobra Vistamp into the device to complete the henshin sequence.

The set will include:

  • Libera Driver
  • Cobra Vistamp
  • Peacock Vistamp

Pre-orders for the DX Kamen Rider Libera Driver will open later tonight and will close on January 4, 2022. The set is schedule to be released in March 2022, and it is currently priced at 8,800 yen. So, for those who are interested in purchasing this item they should contact their preferred middleman for more details.

Source: Premium Bandai

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