Official Images: Kyutama Roulette DX Kyulette

Bandai has recently listed onto its site the product page for the Kyutama Roulette DX Kyulette! The Kyulette is the special gimmick used to decide the away team or Kyurenoh formation of the episode. Now, in Uchu Sentai Kyuranger the on screen Kyulette uses the DX Kyutama however the DX toy will opt out that gimmick. It will instead use miniature Kyutama for one to release from the Kyulette. These mini Kyutama will be in cast in solid plastic, and in ten different colors. Furthermore, the DX Kyulette will come with the DX Kyuranger Kyutama that can be used with the various deluxe toys. The DX Kyulette will release in late April, and its MSRP is 4104 yen.

Official Product Description

[set contains]

  • Kyulette
  • Kyuranger Kyutama
  • 10 multi-colored Mini Kyutama
  • Instruction manual

From “Uchu Sentai Kyuranger” it is the Kyutama Roulette DX Kyulette that plays a melody heard in the series. Melody activation at the push of a button! Wind-up the Kyulette and discover the team of the day!

(All items not listed for this product are sold separately.)

Source: Bandai

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