Official Images: Marvel Legends 6″ Spider-Man SP//dr BAF Wave

Hasbro has recently released official images for the upcoming  Marvel Legends 6″ Spider-Man SP//dr Build-a-figure wave. For those who are unaware the Build-a-figure is based on the SP//dr armor introduced in Edge of Spider-Verse #5, which was released in December, 2014. The armor is used by Peni Parker, who took over the mantle after her father’s death.

Currently it is unknown when the figures will be released at retailers in North American/ Canada, however the wave has made its way overseas. Expect more details to be revealed at San Diego Comic Con 2018 if the wave hasn’t been released at that point.

The wave includes:

  • Doc Ock
  • Modern Scarlet Spider
  • Elektra
  • Cloak
  • Dagger
  • All-New-All-Different Daredevil
  • House Of M Spider-Man
  • BAF Sp//dr

Source: Marvelousnews

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