Official Images: Mini-Pla Kyutama Gattai Series 01 – Kyuren-Oh

Bandai is currently updating its product pages with a variety of toys from Uchu Sentai Kyuranger. The first set of toys to catch our attention were the new Candy Toy Mini-Pla Kyutama series. The first set in the Kyutama Gattai Series is the Kyuranger’s main mecha, Kyuren-Oh! The set will be composed of six different pieces, two specifically for Shishi Voyager. The other four pieces will be for Yellow, Green, Black, and Blue. Each case should contain two complete sets, and are going to release on February 18th. Pieces normally sell for 380 to 500 yen.

Official Product Description:

Mini-pla for the Space Squadron Kyuranger appear!

The formation of each Voyager, and combination into Kyuren-Oh can be reproduced. Of course, Kyuren-Oh can use its ability to change the arms and legs. Each Voyager comes with a mini Kyutama using clear parts.

Realized color coding of plastics are used, which was popular in last year’s Mini-pla series. Each have simple assembly and simple sticking, easy for children to play with.

Please enjoy Mini-Pla Kyutama Gattai Series with its proportionate, and articulated designs. (Total Height: 160 mm)

Pieces Contain:

● 1 plastic model (6 types in total)

  1. Shishi Voyager A
  2. Shishi Voyager B
  3. Wolf Voyager
  4. Oushi Voyager
  5. Chameleon Voyager
  6. Okazaki Voyager

● 1 piece of ramune

Source: Bandai

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