Official Images: Mini-Pla Kyutama Gattai Series 04 Gigant Hou-oh

Bandai’s website has listed up the product page for Mini-Pla Kyutama Gattai Series 04. Mini-Pla Kyutama Gattai 04 will feature our newest mecha, Gigant Hou-Oh! Gigant Hou-Oh is the true form of the Argo, which consists of the Houou Voyager, Houou Station, and Houou Base. It is Houou Soldier’s personal mecha, and it can combine with the other Kyurangers’ Kyutama and Shishi Voyager to become Kyutama Jin. However, the official gallery omits the combination for Kyutama Jin at this time.

Now, like the previous series, Gigant Hou-oh will be sold in three different ways; singularly sold in parts, a complete set, and as a case. Preferably one should order a complete set, unless one prefers having additional Voyagers to customize. Mini-Pla Kyutama Gattai Series 04 is set to release in July whereas, the exact date listed is Tuesday, July 25nd. For those interested in ordering a complete set of all six parts, its retail price is set at 2,268 yen.

Source: Bandai

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