Official Images: S.H.Figuarts Dan Moroboshi

On Friday, Tamashii Nations posted the official gallery and information on S.H.Figuarts Dan Moroboshi. Dan Moroboshi is the human disguise of Ultraseven, borrowing the appearance of mountain climber, Jiro Satsuma. While on Earth, Dan Moroboshi joins the Ultra Garrison, which this figure is based on. In addition, S.H.Figuarts Dan Moroboshi’s head sculpt is a near perfect recreation of Kohji Moritsugu in his prime. Furthermore, Dan’s accessories will consist of the Ultra Eye, standard issue helmet, the Ultra Gun, and optional Video Seaver parts. The Ultra Eye as seen in the gallery is the signature item of Dan/Seven which allows him to assume his Ultra form. Then as for the Video Seaver, it is his wrist-mounted communication device. Pretty much think of it as the Power Rangers’ communicators spliced with an Apple Watch before those items were even thought of!

S.H.Figuarts Dan Moroboshi is scheduled to release this October. The item is a retail release, and will be sold for 6264 yen. Pre-Orders for this item are stated to open tomorrow, May 29th. However, due to the difference in time-zones for international fans expect orders to open tonight! Yet, I wonder will Tamashii Nations eventually release S.H.Figuarts Dan Moroboshi MAT Ver. from Ultraman Leo? If Tamashii Nations does release that version I can only hope it will feature his crutch/gun, and optional heads for his various hair-styles… including Kohji Moritsugu’s terrible mustache!

No Katsura choose me, not Jet Jaguar’s inventor! It will only lead to your death!

Source: Tamashii

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