Official Images: S.H.Figuarts Retsu Ichijoji (Space Sheriff Gavan)

At the Tamashii Nations World Tour Osaka, the world discovered that the wait for S.H.Figuarts Retsu Ichijoji would not be too long. S.H.Figuarts Retsu Ichijoji was revealed to be a November 2017 release, and Premium Bandai exclusive. However, one could easily expect that since most Space Sheriff Gavan products from Tamashii Nations have been exclusives. While the site was down for its upgrade, Premium Bandai listed and opened the order page for S.H.Figuarts Retsu Ichijoji. Now, Retsu Ichijoji is none other than Kenji Ohba, who is considered as one of the top tier actors in the tokusatsu genre. Kenji Ohba original started as a stunt actor for Toei, before actually being featured as one of Toei’s heroes. First, Kenji Ohba would portray Battle Kenya from Battle Fever J. Then Ohba would return as Denji Blue in Denshi Sentai Denjiman, where it eventually lead to him becoming Space Sheriff Gavan! Whereas, S.H.Figuarts Retsu Ichijoji is Tamashii Nations greatest attempt to capture the legendary, Kenji Ohba, when he was in his prime. Included with the figure are additional hands, and a Jouchaku transformation effect with a stand. Below one can view the entire gallery from Bandai:

Now, as stated before S.H.Figuarts Retsu Ichijoji is a November 2017 release and pre-orders are already open. The pre-orders began today, June 16th at 16:00 Japan Standard Time (3:00 AM EST) with the sale price of 6264 yen. For international fans seeking to obtain this item, they will need to resort to online stores or private sellers that provide middleman services. I for one am going  to need to do this because I really want to own an actual figure based on Kenji Ohba. However, once I get the item a new problem will arise. That problem being how can I get the figure signed by Kenji Ohba, himself?


Source: P-Bandai

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