Official Images: S.H.Figuarts Shinkocchou Seihou Kamen Rider Amazon

Bandai Tamashii has recently revealed release details for S.H.Figuarts Shinkocchou Seihou Kamen Rider Amazon. For those who are unaware, the figure is based on the original Kamen Rider Amazon. The series was the fourth installment in the Kamen Rider franchise, which premiered on October 19,1974. Kamen Rider Amazon ran for 24 episodes, the shortest series in franchise, before airing its finale on March 29, 1975.

The figure will include:

  • Replacement Wrists (Left X4, Right X4)
  • Alternate Muffler (Extended)
  • Alternate Buckle
  • Condol Parts


The figure will be a retail release for this September, and it is priced at 7,020 Yen. Pre-orders will early tomorrow morning, so check your preferred Japanese online retailer.


Source: Bandai Tamashii

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