Official Images: S.H.Figuarts Ultraman Rosso & Blu

Earlier today, Amazon Japan accidentally revealed information on the upcoming S.H.Figuarts releases for Ultraman R/B. These listings featured S.H.Figuarts Ultraman Rosso Flame, Rosso Wind, Ultraman Blu Aqua, and Blu Ground. Now, the Amazon listings featured limited information, consisting of a few images, pre-order bonuses, and the month of release. However, Tamashii Nations recently updated their S.H.Figuarts Ultra section with the entire release information.


S.H.Figuarts Ultraman Rosso Flame and Ultraman Blu Aqua are scheduled as retail releases for this December. Both figures will be sold individually for 5400 yen. Each figure will contain fours pairs of optional hands, and replacement color timer. Also, each figure will feature their specific variant of the Rube Slugger.

Then as for S.H.Figuarts Ultraman Rosso Wind and Ultraman Blu Ground, they are also retail releases. However, instead of being December releases they are scheduled for January 2019. Now, like S.H.Figuarts Ultraman Rosso Flame and Ultraman Blu Aqua these figures will be sold for 5400 yen, and feature nearly the same accessories.

However, if people pre-order S.H.Figuarts Ultraman Rosso Flame, and Ultraman Blu Aqua they will get exclusive Tamashii Stages. These Tamashii Stages are personalized to match the two Ultra Brothers, and their specific forms. Two stages for Ultraman Rosso Flame and Wind, two stages for Ultraman Blu Aqua and Ground.

Pre-orders for these four figures will open tomorrow, August 1. In addition, the S.H.Figuarts Ultra section reveals that Tamashii Nations 2018 seventh and final show exclusive is S.H.Figuarts Ultraman Orb Dark; so please stay tuned for updates on that next item.


Source: Tamashii


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