[Official Images] Shokugan Modeling Project GaoIcarus + GaoLion & GaoElephant Set

Recently, Bandai Candy officially revealed the next two Shokugan Modeling Project Hyakujuu Sentai Gaoranger releases. Now, as expected the first set revealed pertains to the Gaorangers‘ third Power Animal combination in GaoIcarus. Whereas, the second set is for the larger GaoLion, which is used for the GaoKentaurus formation, alongside the basic GaoElephant. Surprisingly, SMP Hyakujuu Gattai GaoIcarus is a retail release, while the SMP GaoLion & GaoElephant set is Premium Bandai exclusive. Also, Bandai has confirmed that both Shokugan Modeling Project products are scheduled to release this Summer, sometime in July.


SMP Hyakujuu Gattai GaoIcarus – 9680 yen

Making its debut in episode 31, GaoIcarus is the combination GaoFalconGaoGiraffeGaoDeers, and GaoRhinos & GaoMadillo. So, this release will effectively recreate those five Power Animals in SMP form. In addition, the set will be compatible with previous releases to form GaoIcarus Another Foot & Arm. Furthermore, the set will include special attack effects for the GaoGiraffe and GaoHunter’s Ligator Blade. Finally, the set will include an Animarium display pedestal for GaoFalcon to be shown flying. However, these additional accessories are mentioned to still be in the prototype phase, as teased on the Bandai Candy blog.

SMP Hyakujuu Gattai GaoLion & GaoElephant – 7000 yen

Now, to round out the main Power Animals used by the Gaorangers, it is the large GaoLion and the standard GaoElephant. As mentioned earlier, the large GaoLion is used to form GaoKentaurus with GaoFalcon, GaoShark, GaoTiger and GaoElephant. Surprisingly, this combination only was seen in two episodes, Quest 43 and Quest 44. However, in Power Rangers Wild Force, the combination only made a single appearance due to how the episodes were adapted. Whereas, the Bandai Candy blog also mentioned that this set will include a display stage, but it is still in development.

Pre-orders for both releases are currently available through online retailers, and at Premium Bandai. As mentioned earlier, both products are scheduled to release in July 2022. For those interested in purchasing these items, they should contact their preferred distribution service immediately. Especially for fans who are interested in owning the SMP GaoLion & GaoElephant set since that requires a middleman proxy.

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