Official Images: Super Mini-Pla Galaxy Mega & Delta Mega Set

Today, Bandai Candy revealed the official information regarding the next Super Sentai Super Mini-Pla release; the release is for none other than Galaxy Mega and Delta Mega from Denji Sentai Megaranger. The two will be sold together, as a set rather than being sold separate as some collectors expected. Power Rangers fans will easily recognize these mechas as the Astro Megaship/ Megazord and the Delta Megazord from Power Rangers in Space. In addition, both sets will be able to combine to form Super Galaxy Mega/ Astro Delta Megazord. Below is the official gallery from Bandai Candy:

Pre-orders for the Super Mini-Pla Galaxy Mega & Delta Mega Set are set to open tomorrow, October 1st. The set will be sold at retail, but Premium Bandai opened their listings for the set early. Premium Bandai and retailers (like our sponsor, CS Toys International) will be selling the Super Mini-Pla Galaxy Mega & Delta Mega Set for roughly 6912 yen, with its release set for January 2019. Denji Sentai Megaranger is currently available in North America on DVD via Shout! Factory; the complete series was released on home video last October.

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