Official Images: Ultraman Nexus Ultra Replica Evoltruster & Blast Shot

Premium Bandai recently announced an all-new Ultra Replica item joining the line; it is none other than Ultraman Nexus’ Evoltruster and Blast Shot! Now, these items are an interesting pair, as the two compliment one another. The Evoltruster allows the various Nexus hosts, Denaumists, to transform into Ultraman Nexus. Whereas, the Blast Shot is a weapon that can only be wield by the Denaumists; it has two modes the Air Burst Mode, and Gun Mode. Below is the official gallery and our summary for the contents of the Ultra Replica Evoltruster & Blast Shot set:


Four Modes for Four Forms
  • Jun Himeya Mode contains the transformation sounds of Anphans and Junis.
  • Ren Senjyu Mode contains the transformation sounds of Anphans, Junis, and Junis Blue.
  • Nagi Saijyo Mode & Ultimate Mode contains the transformation sounds for the previous forms and Ultraman Noa


9 Types of Transformation Sequences, Memorable Scenes Recreated
  • Episode 2: Space Beast
  • Episode 4: Metal Field
  • Episode 9: Warning
  • Episode 20: Chrome Chester
  • Episode 23 & 24: -Satisfaction-, Eiyu -Hero-
  • Episode 28: Reunion
  • Episode 34: AD 2009
  • Episode 36: Farewell
  • Final- Nexus

Features: BGM Nexus -Disappear-, BGM Nexus -appearance-, Sheath Effect, Henshin Voice, Ultra Rise/ Landing


Blast Shot

Change Between Modes

Start off with the Air Burst mode, or switch to Gun Mode. Changing the mode will activate the LEDs, and sounds. The sounds will match specific attacks, and recreate variations of sounds from the series.

  • Episode 3: Ultraman
  • Episode 5 & 6: Denaumists, Relic (Summoning Stone Fluegel Effect)
  • Episode 9: Warning (Air Burst Mode’s Vacuum Shockwave that stopped Dark Faust’s Sound)
  • Episode 12: Lost Soul
  • Episode 16: Labyrinth (Charge Shot effect)


Pre-orders for the Ultra Replica Evoltruster & Blast Shot are currently open, with orders set to close on September 10th. The set is being sold for 10,800 yen and it is scheduled to release in December 2018. For those interested in purchasing this item they should contact their preferred middleman, or check their preferred online store. Ultraman Nexus is currently available in North America through streaming services, Crunchyroll and TokuHD.


Source: Premium Bandai

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