[Official Images] Ultraman Z DX Zett Riser -Memorial Edition-

With the Ultraman Z finale looming upon us, Bandai has announced they will release a DX Zett Riser -Memorial Edition-! For those unaware, the -Memorial Edition- releases are special updated versions of the deluxe toys for main transformation device. The updates normally include audio clips from show and its cast, as well as limited edition items or accessories. Also, these releases are more commonly produced for Toei tokusatsu series like Kamen Rider and Super Sentai.


Now, the DX Zett Riser -Memorial Edition- is officially the first release for the Ultra Series in this subline. The product will feature 100 or more sounds from the series, spanning between effects and character lines. The character dialog will be comprised of the main cast: Haruki Natsukawa (Hirano Kohshu), Ultraman Z (Tasuku Hatanaka), Captain Shota Hebikura/ Jugglus Juggler (Takaya Aoyagi), Yoko Nakashima (Rima Matsuda), Yuka Ohta (Hikari Kuroki), Kojiro Inaba (Jun Hashizume), Shinya Kaburagi (Rihito Noda) and Riku Asakura/ Ultraman Geed (Tatsuomi Hamada). In addition, the DX Zett Riser -Memorial Edition- will feature a BGM mode that includes five songs such as the opening credits “Chant My Name.” Below is the official gallery and the product’s contents list from Bandai:

This set will include:

  • DX Zett Riser -Memorial Edition-
  • Ultra Access Card Haruki ver.
  • Ultra Access Card Riku ver.
  • Ultra Access Card Kaburagi ver.
  • Ultraman Zett Alpha Edge Ultra Medal
  • Ultraman Zett Beta Smash Ultra Medal
  • Ultraman Zett Gamma Fusion Ultra Medal
  • Ultraman Zett Delta Rise Claw Ultra Medal
  • Weapon Mode Reproduction Ultra Medal x3


Pre-orders for DX Zett Riser -Memorial Edition- are currently open at Premium Bandai. Orders for this item are priced at 9,350 yen, and the orders will ship in May 2021. For those interested in purchasing this item, they should contact their preferred middleman service, or locate an online distributor.


Source: Premium Bandai

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