Opinion: Marvel’s Inhumans

I watched the first episode of Inhumans, and I am here to say “do not watch it.” I only made it through the first episode and I do not know how people managed to sit in a theater and do it. Going into this I thought the show would pull me in! I enjoy the Inhumans comics thanks to Marvel NOW and what is currently going on with them in space, but man I thought the show would have been better. I went in thinking we would just run with it however, it is a lot of exposition explaining the Inhumans hierarchy; which is not bad, but we know the process and how it works thanks to Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Why not just use that information and springboard from there? Instead it treats viewers like the concept of Inhumans is too hard for casual viewers to understand.

Marvel, I wish the Inhumans had been based around Kamala Khan, or even the New Inhumans that have been recently introduced like Iso, Inferno, Flint, Grid, or even Naja. I could see it, a group of Inhumans running around, and we lead up to meeting Medusa and Black Bolt. I guess you could say this would be similar to the upcoming The Gifted series, but in this case it would work given the current status of the MCU.

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