PMC 2018 Day Two: Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel Panel

Recently the Power Ranger Ninja Super Steel panel was held at Power Morphicon 2018The panel was hosted by the Andre Meadows, Chip Lynn, and the main cast of Power Rangers Ninja Steel.

First, the panel featured a blooper reel for Power Rangers Ninja Steel.

Lastly, the panel featured a trailer for the 25th Anniversary episode of Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel, “Dimensions in Danger.” For those who are not aware, the episode will feature the return of several rangers of the past who will team up with the Ninja Steel rangers to defeat a new threat.

As reported earlier, the previously confirmed returning ranger actors/ actresses include; Jason David Frank: Tommy Oliver (Mighty Morphin Green/ White, Zeo Red, Turbo Red, Dino Thunder Black), Catherine Sutherland: Kat Hillard (Mighty Morphin Pink, Zeo Pink, Turbo Pink), and Jason Faunt: Wes Collins (Time Force Red). The new trailer features some other returning actors that were not previously confirmed.

The new confirmed actors include:

  • Yoshi Sudarso: Koda (Dino Charge/ Super Dino Charge Blue Ranger)
  • Steven Skyler: Antonio Garcia (Samurai/ Super Samurai Gold)
  • Li Ming Hu: Gemma (RPM Silver Ranger)

Other rangers will appear in the special, however it is currently unknown if the actors/ actresses will return to reprise their roles.

That concludes the Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel panel, however Power Morphicon 2018 continues throughout the weekend so stay tuned for more of Hero Club’s official coverage on the convention.



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