[PMC2022] Interview with Renegade Game Studios’ Jonathan Ying

Today, Hero-Club is finally following up on the release of the Johnathan Ying interview, which was conducted at Power Morphicon 2022. We previously mentioned that this was on the site’s release docket earlier this month when the editing process began. So, for those unaware, our guest is the lead designer for Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid. Whereas. the game is a tabletop role-playing game produced by Renegade Game Studios, and it was released in August 2019. In addition, one of our staff members and founders, Soundout12, even produced content regarding the game’s release.


Now, since the following interview was conducted at the convention it is rather short in terms of length. Also, we apologize in advance for all the background noise due to the other energetic attendees. Furthermore, the interview is audio only, so the video is a slideshow combining our photos as press with product images. However, our time with Jonathan Ying is enough to explain the game’s creation, and where Renegade Game Studios is going. Anyway, we hope that everyone enjoys the interview, and please listen for the teaser regarding our next guest.

So, this concludes the written portion of the article and our interview with Jonathan Ying at Power Morphicon 2022. Additionally, we would like to thank Jonathan Ying for the opportunity, and we hope to have him back one day. Whereas, fans of Jonathan or Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid can follow him on Twitter and Instagram. Nevertheless, readers please continue to support the site, and follow Hero-Club across social media using @HeroClub4Life!

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