Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 10 “Phoning Home” Review

Well, we are back again with that Netflix binge of Power Rangers Dino Fury. So, let us not waste time like ET did in getting home, and jump right into “Phoning Home.” Also, fair reminder to readers that this may not be the last ET pun or joke I make either. Nevertheless, let us look at episode 10, and get prepared to hear more of Campbell Cooley’s voice acting


Now, our episode begins at Area 62 where Mucus and Void Knight are building a new robotic general. This robot is based on Ryusoulger’s overly popular villainous magician, Wyzel (alternatively spelled as Wiseru). Fun fact, the character in Japan was voiced by Hikaru Midorikawa better known for being Gridman. Also, I assume that moving forward most of the Ryusoulger villains will be robots empowered by Sporix Eggs. At least, using this concept will explain how they can grow to fight Megazords. Yet, it is a decent creative change that I can get behind for this adaptation.

Anyway, Wyzel’s American counterpart is called Slyther, and he is voiced by none other than Campbell Cooley. After, 10 bloody episodes, Campbell has arrived with a role that will not damage his voice like Snide did. Whereas, as a friend mentioned to me, his Slyther performance sounds like an awkward love-child of two other animated characters. The characters that my friend was referring to were Simon Belmont from Captain N: The Game Master and Yu-Gi-Oh!’s Pegasus. Honestly, I can hear the similarities with the performance, and I overly enjoy it too. Then upon activation, Slyther displays his ability to transform in other people like Void Knight himself. Once learning about Slyther’s ability, Void Knight decides to upload data on the Rangers into him. In addition, they plan to send Slyther to the Rangers to disrupt their activities and steal their Sporix Eggs.


Meanwhile at Dinohenge, Zayto continues his never-ending struggle in trying to make contact with Rafkon. I really love how Zayto’s search is not a one-and-done episode subplot, but an overarching story that is foreshadowing something. Anyway, Solon shows up having made a Rafkon meal for Zayto to snack on straight from his journals. Although, our Dino-Mama did not check or realize that the meal she prepared was Rafkon dog food. However, this leads to Zayto remembering his dog, which is adorable as it also has the Rafkon antennae. Unfortunately, while Zayto is reminiscing about his home, Slyther spies on them while plotting his attack.

Coincidentally, BuzzBlast is doing a story on pets and the other Rangers are helping to produce the broadcast. Here Jane is reviewing a behavior module for androids that makes them act like cats which she tests on J-Borg. The behavior module is in the form of a human sized pet collar, and it feels rather superfluous. Preferably the module could have been an implant chip, or some program update through Wi-Fi. However, for the sake of comedy it is a dorky collar that immediately short circuits and locks onto J-Borg. Also, because J-Borg is now “a cat” she attracts the attention of a dog which begins chasing her. I assume the dog was in BuzzBlast due to additional pet theme videos that were being produced on this day.


Thankfully, the Rangers get to avoid the bulk of the ensuing chaos, as Zayto calls them for a training session. We then cut to when the Rangers’ training is nearly complete, and they get accosted by a lightning cloud. This cloud turns out to be the dapper female alien Arla, a Knight of Rafkon, who received Zayto’s message. Obviously, we the viewers should realize this is suspicious, but for Zayto, he is too overjoyed to notice this ruse. Arla explains that her mission is to help the Rangers destroy the Sporix once and for all. Yes, Arla specified that Rafkon discovered a way to eradicate the indestructible scourge called Sporix after millions of years!

Upon hearing this news, even the other Rangers fall for this deception, and they all welcome Arla into their base. However, once inside the base, our great Dino-Mama Solon is quick to assume that something is not right with Arla. Like the viewer, Solon is concerned and skeptical as to how another Rafkonian arrived to Earth so soon. Also, Solon even questions how Rafkon managed create a way to destroy Sporix. So, at least Solon is the voice of reason, but Arla finds ways to cause doubt in Solon. This leads to the first real argument between Zayto and Solon, which sort of hurts to watch. Yet, as Arla goes to rest in one of the lodging chambers, she returns to her true form, Slyther.


Then Slyther calls Void Knight to inform him that their plan is succeeding, and they can begin the next phase. So, Void Knight teleports into the city to lure out the Rangers, while Slyther steals their Sporix as Arla. The Ranger immediately leave to deal with Void Knight, and we get the first usage of the Ryusoulger rollcall footage. Meanwhile, “Arla” goes to nab the Sporix, but is stopped by Solon who presents her with food. However, the meal is Zayto’s homemade dog food which Solon uses as a test, and it finally confirms her suspicions. Slyther quickly drops the act, and Solon grabs onto to him to teleport themselves out of the base.

Once outside and away from Dinohenge, we get to witness our Dino-Mama bear her fangs, as a fight scene commences. Yes, the show actually gives Solon her own fight scene, and it is against our new general Slyther. Also, holy crap, the fight choreography for the scene is pretty dang awesome for Solon’s first outing! Sadly, Slyther wins the fight and he manages to steal Solon’s communicator, allowing him to return to the base. Whereas, Void Knight decides to make his retreat resulting in the Rangers coming back to the base early.


Arla tells the Rangers that Solon went on a walk, so everyone but Zayto goes to get her. However, Zayto quickly realizes that Arla is a spy, as he notices Solon’s communicator on their work table. Also, Zayto manages to somehow read Arla’s mind as they near the Sporix Vault, and he discovers she is Slyther. Now, to be honest, I do not know how Zayto was able to use his mind reading on a robot. Yet, I assume that the explanation could be due to the Sporix within Slyther being a living entity. Anyway, Zayto immediately repeats what Solon did, and teleports them out of the base. In addition, Zayto morphs to have a one-on-one fight with Slyther, until the other Rangers can arrive to assist him.

Once the others arrive, Slyther summons the Hengemen to back him up, but they prove to be ineffective. So, Slyther enlarges himself and transforms into Roostafa, prompting Zayto to use an override code to summon the Zords. Yet, Zayto’s override code is one of those typical corny early 2000s passwords such as ZayoIsCool. Anyway, the Rangers form the Megazord, and decide to use Boost Keys to power up the robot. In addition, they use the keys to blind Slyther causing him to fall right into their final attack. However, Slyther survives and crashes into powerlines which resets his memory as well as causes him to become Mucus’ friend. This makes me wonder how future episodes will reset the status quo to where Slyther does not like Mucus.


Finally, the Rangers return to the base to treat Solon’s injuries, and Zayto apologizes for he acted. To help with his apology, Zayto brews a mint-tea recipe for Solon made by his mother. Then once Solon is patched up and recovered the team helps Zayto send out another message. Here’s hoping that the remnants and descendants of Rafkon will respond before the season finale. Also, if anyone was concerned about J-Borg, Jane did manage to get the collar off her.

So, that was “Phoning Home,” which was another great episode with a decent moral to boot. For those unaware, the moral was “if something is too good to be true then it probably is not.” However, this moral seems to be similar to the psychic episode, which makes Zayto look too gullible. I assume this is just because production wants Zayto’s character to see the best in everything. Yet, the episode with Mick would sort of say otherwise, so I cannot really tell.


Whereas, the introduction for Slyther was fantastic, as his Super Sentai counterpart Wyzel was one of my favorite Druidon Generals. Also, getting to hear another Campbell Cooley performance in Power Rangers is simply a plus. In addition, I loved Void Knight’s comment regarding how he does not care about color coating when Slyther was activated. Furthermore, as I mentioned before, Slyther does not seem to care about Mucus, but due to short-circuiting he now does. Hopefully, the series continues to play up on them in an on-and-off friendship just like their Ryusoulger counterparts.

Anyway, I think this concludes my thoughts on the episode, I got nothing else to say about it. Now, we got to look toward the future and that is our next review on episode 11 “McScary Manor.” By the title alone, fans should easily assume that this episode will be all about Amelia. However, having already seen the episode and currently preparing my review, I can say it is going to be interesting. Episode 11 is not entirely about fun and games, nor is it a nod to Big Bad Beetleborgs. Yet, I will explain everything in that upcoming review, so please stay tuned for it!


Final Grade: 4 out of 5 Power Keys

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