Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel “Echoes of Evil” Official Clip

The 25th Season of Power Rangers is set to premiere this weekend on Saturday! The newest season is called Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel, the successor/ sequel to Power Rangers Ninja Steel. This season will feature the Rangers having to recreate their powers which they sacrificed to defeat the evil Galvanax. However, they will have to contend with Madame Odius and her villainous team that also seek to acquire the inactive, Ninja Nexus Prism. Also, the two groups will have to learn the secret powers that lurks with the Super Ninja Steel. Below is an official clip from this weekend’s all-new episode:

The Power Rangers are back! Super Ninja Steel starts Saturday, and Madame Odius has located the Ninja Nexus Prism. Can the Rangers stop her from unlocking a power even greater than Galvanax had?


Source: Power Rangers YouTube Channel

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