Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel Spring 2018 Battle Gear Announced

Power Rangers Now has updated their website once again with new toy reveals for Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel.  The latest toy reveals feature the various new battle gear that will be released in the Spring 2018 toyline.

First, the Ninja Training Gear sets will continue into the new line.

Next, the Lion Fire Power Star will be releasing in the Power Ranger Super Ninja Steel Spring toyline. This device is used by Brody to become Lion Fire Mode.  Unlike the Power Up Bracelet Chouzetsu Shoubu Changer, the Bandai American version of the toy will feature firing darts.

Finally, two new battle gear will be released, which will have the ability to shoot out shurikens.  Keep in mind these are toy specific and will most likely not be seen on the show.

Source: Power Rangers Now


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