Psycho-Pass SS Three Part Film Project Announced

Fuji TV recently revealed details about the three part anime film project for the Psycho-Pass anime franchise during the “Plus Ultra Fuji TV Anime Lineup Presentation 2018” event.  The overall project will be titled, “Psycho-Pass SS (Psycho-Pass Sinners of the System),” and the first film will premiere in January 2019.  

The films include:

  • Case.1 Crime and Punishment (Tsumi to Bachi) – Focuses on Nobuchika Ginoza and Mika Shimotsuki.
  • Case.2 First Guardian – Focuses on Tomomi Masaoka and Teppei Sugo.
  • Case.3 On the Other Side of Love and Hate (Onshuu no Kanata ni)

Those who are are not familiar with the Psycho-Pass anime, the series premiered in 2012 and lasted 22 episodes. The series received an 11 episode sequel series titled, “Psycho-Pass 2,” which premiered in Japan in October 2014. The series also received a film titled, “Psycho-Pass: The Movie,” which premiered in Japanese theaters in January 2015. Both series and film were licensed by Funimation Entertainment in North America.

Source: ANN, Mantan Web

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