Review: Go Go Power Rangers #13

It’s Morphin Time! We’re back with the original team as Go Go Power Rangers continues post Shattered Grid. Let’s see what our team of five is up to as Rita begins to scheme a new plan which will end the Rangers.


Cover by Audrey Mok

Comic Credits

  • Artist: Eleonora Carlini
  • Colorist : Raul Angulo
  • Letters: Ed Dukeshire
  • Ranger Variant Cover: Miguel Mercado
  • Preorder Cover: Audrey Mok and Dylan Todd
  • Movie Cover: Natacha Bustos and Dylan Todd
  • Writer: Ryan Parrott
  • Angel Grove High School Emblem: Miguel Mercado 
  • Designer: Michelle Ankley
  • Assistant Editor: Gwen Waller
  • Editor: Dafna Pleban


Kicking off the issue we get to see the Power Rangers facing one of their most iconic monsters of the week, Pudgy Pig; the battle is a nice way to showcase the timeline. I loved seeing the Rangers form the Power Blaster, and I believe this is the first time they did it in this run of comics. Heck, I do not think they formed it in the mainline, Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers series either but I could be wrong.


Artist, Eleonora Carlini’s panel placement continues to amaze me with each issue. The page where they are putting together the Power Blaster along with their morph sequence in this issue are spot on. Also, I want to mention Raul Angulo colors as well while talking about the Power Blaster panel; seeing the energy being reflected upwards to the Rangers visors as they are putting the weapons together is perfect.


Now, in regards to Rita in this issue along with her group, starting off, it is wonderful seeing Rita knowing some monsters would fail and already having another plan in place. It gives readers this sense that Rita is always trying to out think the Rangers and with this current plan, I can see it happening. With the way Ryan Parrott writes Rita, she has this presence of fear that was absent in the television series. For example, when Rita shows up and starts planning her next move, a part of me cannot help but worry about the Rangers.


With the Ranger plots, they have been solid so far. We are getting some fallout of Jason having to take care of his father. Whereas, Billy and his dad start fixing what will become the Radbug. Finally, Trini coming to the realization that she likes Jason, and may take the chance to act on it. Now, this is the thing I always love about Go Go Power Rangers is that it keeps this “slice of life” vibe to itself; the stories are told through a specific type of lens is simply fantastic. The writers portray these characters more humanly by showing they do not have perfect lives, and have times where they are struggling. Go Go Power Rangers will always have my respect in displaying this side of our heroes.


Overall, this issue sets up the new arc after Shattered Grid, and I cannot wait to see where this will go. Especially given that plot summaries for the next issues focus heavily on Rita, Jason, and Trini. In addition, surprisingly enough I am invested in seeing what Squatt and Baboo will do in this arc; I never thought I would care to see where these two characters would go, but thanks to this creative team that I am interested. As always fans can pick up their issue of Saban’s Go Go Power Rangers #13 on Comixology, or go to a local comic book store which they can locate via Now, until the next issue, I am XBen3000 and I am out.


Final Grade: 5 out of 5 Power Coins

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