Review: Kamen Rider Build DX Build Driver & Cross-Z Dragon

Hello Hero Club, this is Darkon633 and I am back with another toy review.  With another season comes another set of henshin devices. The DX Build Driver might not have as much gimmicks out of the box like some of the previous drivers, however that doesn’t change how awesome it looks when in motion. The device itself isn’t the most complex of designs, although the gear movement really helps make the device shine. Speaking of shine the LEDs on the device are quite bright and look epic when it goes through the various light sequences.

The DX Cross-Z Dragon may do even less on it’s own, although I personally think it is a quite impressive. I personally really enjoy that it uses the Build Driver as the basis for it’s abilities since it will not require the purchase of an extra peripheral. In conclusion I am glad I was able to get both of these items quite early in the series since I think it may be possible the Dragon may end up becoming a hot seller for some time. I personally don’t remember where I got the Build Driver since it is has been quite a while since I got it, however I got the Dragon at HLJ.

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