Review: Kamen Rider Build DX Magma Knuckle

Hello Hero Club, this is Darkon633 and I am back with another toy review.  The DX Cross-Z Magma Knuckle may be lacking in features, however that doesn’t change the fact how much I love this henshin device. Knuckle like devices are a dime a dozen in modern toku so it is awesome to see one used in Kamen Rider Build. I is unfortunate that the Cross-Z Magma Knuckle doesn’t have an on/off switch especially since most of Banjou’s devices feature one. In conclusion if you are a fan of Kamen Rider Cross-Z Magma than I highly recommend getting this toy. I got the DX Cross-Z Magma Knuckle on Amiami for 2,720 Yen.

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