Review: Let's Talk "Tekken 7"

Tekken 7 has just released, and as a Tekken player since its first release over 20+ years ago I have a lot to say about this installment. I, Fighter Xaos,  go into the ups and downs of Tekken 7. In addition, I may have some spoilers, so if one wishes to steer free check back later. For those willing to continue on at this moment thanks for staying with me. After watching the video, feel free to leave opinions on the game, and this review in the comments below! We would like to know what others think about the game thus far. Are people finding Tekken 7 fun? Are people having issues with the online portion, no matter what system one is using? Just let us know, and we will try to respond as soon as possible!

This has been Fighter Xaos, and to stay update on what I am doing, just follow the links below!


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