Review: Mini-Pla Kyutama Gattai Series 01 Kyurenoh Set

Finally got in Mini-Pla Kyutama Gattai Series 01 Kyurenoh, and I managed paint it all by the time set arrived. What is perfect about this release, and others in the Mini-Pla line is that now they are sold in complete sets. Having this complete set makes it easier to buy, and leaves one with having to deal with extra parts. Now, one does not need to paint, but it is fun to and help alter some of the dull colors from the original plastic. Then as for the actual product, it features all five the Voyagers needed to make Kyurenoh’s initial formation. Each come with a Kyutama that uses stickers to represent the Kyurangers piloting their mecha. In addition, when they are combined the Kyutama Gattai Kyurenoh features several points of articulation. Unlike like last year’s mess with the Zyuoh Cubes (which I did enjoy) the Voyagers are not hinder greatly by design or kibble… Anyways, now I have to go work on painting and building Series 02 which features the other four Kyurangers and their Voyagers!

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