Review: Mini-Pla Kyutama Gattai Series 4 Gigant Houou

“5-4-3-2-1, Rangers in Space!” ~ Mini-Pla Gigant Houou has arrived to represent Houou Soldier, adding to the legend of Tsurugi Ōtori! This Mini-Pla set starts off as all three parts, before combining into Gigant Houou. Yet, that is not all it can do, as it can also become Kyutamajin, by combining with the Shishi Voyager.

Now, this Rolling Review looks at the entire set from each piece to each combination. In addition, one can expect a brief look at the custom paint job I gave the set, so it would fit in with my other Kyuranger Mini-Pla. Also, there is a size comparison to a previous Sentai Mecha Combination… I wonder what one it could be?


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