Review: Power Rangers Movie 2017 5 Inch Rita Repulsa

Hello Hero Club this is Darkon633 and I am back with another toy review. Today we will be looking at the basic 5 inch figure of Rita Repulsa in the Power Rangers 2017 movie toyline. Bandai of America isn’t really known for making good basic human sculpts that aren’t suits so this release was “kind” of surprising.  Personally I think the sculpt turned out decent especially for a main kids line release and hopefully they upcoming MMPR version will turn out good as well.  She is a little under-painted but nowhere near the level as most of the basic figures the company has produced over the years so it easy to say they did an okay job in designing the figure.  Outside of the loose hip joint the figure is actually not half bad so I highly recommend picking this figure up if you see it.  I got this figure at my local Target.

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