Review: Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel DX Fire Morpher

Hello Hero Club this is Darkon633 and I am back with another toy review. The Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel DX Lion Fire Morpher is a mixed bag. While it does do more than the Chozetsu Shoubu Changer it also also it’s own share of issues. The bracelet itself is pretty lame compared to the Japanese version, however it does make up for it since it has more sounds built in compared to it. The Lion Fire Power Star at least has the ability to spin so that makes it better than all the previous Ninja Power Star releases. Speaking of Ninja Power Stars, the one that is included is pretty much what you expect for a Ninja Power Star release.

The artwork isn’t bad, however it is a shame that all the standard Power Stars are so cheaply made and it would have been if at least they were made out of soft plastic instead. The Lion Fire Star does have the ability to connect to the swords via a handle that slides over the hilt of them so at least it has that ability. In conclusion it is hard to say which version is worse or better since they both have their own share of issues, however if have the Ichibantou and not the America releases of the swords than I think it is better off going for the Chozetusu. I got this morpher at my local Toys-R-Us.

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