Review: S.H.Figuarts Dan Moroboshi (Ultraseven)

Today, I am proud to present and review S.H.Figuarts Dan Moroboshi, otherwise known as Ultraseven! Dan Moroboshi is Ultraseven’s human guise, portrayed by actor Kohji Moritsugu. The actor, the character, and his heroic form are regarded as one of the best protagonists and series in the Ultra franchise. Now, as a S.H.Figuarts Dan Moroboshi is incredible, as it uses Tamashii Nations modern sculpting to make realistic figures based on actors/ live-action characters. Being the first tokusatsu character in the line, Dan Moroboshi is the testing ground for Retsu Ichijoji, Takeshi Hongo, and other heroes. S.H.Figuarts Dan’s accessories are straight to the point too, featuring his helmet, Ultra Gun, and video seaver for his Ultra Garrison equipment. In addition, Dan has two variants of the Ultra Eye; one molded clutched by a hand to transform with, and another to have alien steal. Anyways, watch the video for my in-depth look at the figure, and my thoughts on this release!

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