Review: S.H.Figuarts King Joe

A new Ultra-related S.H.Figuarts has been released, so that means I must attempt to review the damn thing. This S.H.Figuarts comes from Ultraseven, as it is King Joe! Now, King Joe made his first appearance in episodes 14, and 15 in Ultraseven, before making other appearances in the franchise. Some of King Joe’s other appearances are also discussed in the video, for example King Joe Black and King Joe Scarlett. King Joe was last seen in Ultra Fight Orb, however it will be used for an upcoming Belial Fusion Beast in Ultraman Geed. That Fusion Beast will be called Pedanium Zetton, which fuses King Joe with Zetton, obviously. Yet, let us see how S.H.Figuarts King Joe holds up!



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