Review: S.H.MonsterArts Godzilla (1964) Emergence Version

I finally managed to purchase the S.H.MonsterArts Godzilla (1964): The Emergence of Godzilla Version, while I attended Power Morphicon 2018. Now, this the 2015 Premium Bandai repaint/ reissue of the 2013 release, S.H.MonsterArts Godzilla (1964) as seen in Mothra vs. Godzilla. This repaint specifically depicts Godzilla’s first appearance in the film, erupting from the beach side area thus the name Emergence Ver. However, the dirt and sand stuck to the MosuGoji suit for most of the production. In addition, this repaint/ reissue includes a Tamashii Effect piece to recreate Godzilla’s atomic breath in the film. However, let’s just hope that this figure meets my expectations or tries to live up to them!

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