Review: Solo: A Star Wars Story 6 Inch Black Series Han Solo

Hello Hero Club this is Darkon633 and I am back with another toy review. The Black Series 6 Inch figure for Han Solo from Solo: A Star War Story is a pretty good figure. While I am still a bit mixed when it comes to Alden Enrenreich portraying a younger version of Han Solo, the figure itself is well made and it has a great likeness to the character. The figure overall is probably the best of the designs for the character at least in figure form so far in the 6 Inch Black Series scale, however I still prefer the original OT version of Solo over it. In conclusion, this is still worth getting especially if you want to collect all the main characters from the film and seeing as he is the titular hero of the film than he is essential to the collection overall. I got the Solo: A Star Wars Story 6 Inch Black Series Han Solo on

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